Antar Dayal


Yesterday I went and visited Antar Dayal at his Santa Barbara studio and took a couple of pictures for a class assignment. Here are a few.



My niece Savannah

Jef and Collette


And Gun shows

Uptown, Minneapolis

Home: Minneapolis


Fun: Walker Art Center




Today was the last day of the RNC in St. Paul. Not much happened today because the whole city was on lock down. Here are a few pictures.



Tonight the demonstrations moved to Minneapolis because Rage Against the Machine was playing at the Target Center. Word on the street was that there was going to be a massive demonstration after the show, so the city was crawling with police and media. When the concert got out, everyone filled into the streets but not much happened after that. Here are a few pictures.



Here are a few shots from Tuesday’s protests against the RNC. The day started at Mears Park in downtown St. Paul where protesters met and held a short rally. Towards the end of the rally a short scuffle ensued and riot police started arresting a few people. After this protesters began a 2 hour march around St. Paul, and eventually made their way to the site of the RNC at the Excel Energy Center. After a short peaceful protest, protesters were told to leave multiple times by the police and warned that Tear gas, flash/stun granades were going to be thrown.

RNC day 1


Wow. What an insane day today. Brett and I went to the RNC protests today and photographed some of the 10,000 protesters. The tensions were very tight and clashes between anarchists and riot police were inevitable. We both walked away exhausted from an 8 hour day racing around St. Paul getting shot at, tear gassed and nearly arrested. Click picture for more